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These are non-toxic product recommendations that I have personal experience with. Some of these are affiliate links, most are not, but I find great benefit in all of these products, so check back often as I add new products when I discover them:

Immune boosting multi-vitamin (recommended during colds/flus, not for ongoing use) *coupon code MONICAMANNI for 5% off your order. Take two capsules 2x/day for 7 days:

Immune-booster (great for every day use and during illness): Lauricidin® is pure sn-1 monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate) a natural, plant-based medium chain fat derived from lauric acid. The same monolaurin received from mother’s milk – embraced by both your immune system and your digestive tract:

Methylene Blue: These are USP grade and made in America:

Toothpaste: This is the only brand that I’m aware of that doesn’t contain Fluoride or Glycerine:

Oral health/Re-mineralizing: All great products that work:

Mouthwash: Fantastic mouthwash with added zinc:

Hair care:

Skin care:

Nontoxic hand barrier cream:

Hand Sanitizer:







Cleaning Products: In my opinion, all Pure Haven products are safe:

Branch Basics - $10 off

Disinfectant, NOT every day cleaner here:  Force of Nature - the discount code is: MONICAMANNI

Non-Toxic BUG Spray:

The best non-toxic bug spray to use in high-risk areasThe criterion for these products is 10-20% picaridin concentration, and the products with such picaridin concentrations are:

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Aerosol Spray (10%):

Proven Insect Repellent Spray – Odorless (20%):

Natrapel®12-hour 6 oz. Continuous Spray (20%):

Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent Spray (20%):

Ranger Ready Repellent (20%):

Ben’s® Tick Repellent 6 oz. Eco-Spray® (20%):

In comparison to DEET, picaridin is a much safer choice. It does not possess the pungent smell of DEET. Neither does it cause the same neurotoxicity concerns as DEET.

The best bug repellent for no-risk areas:

The products in this category consist of essential oils. Five of them are non-toxic bug spray repellents and one is a balm.

Pure Haven:

Mountain Mel’s Quit Buggin’:

Badger Anti-Bug Spray:

California Baby Natural Blend Bug Repellent:

Greenerways Organic Bug Repellent:

Kosmatology Bug Repellent Balm:

The safest insect repellents are made with essential oils.

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For Standard Process products, if you were given a code, please click below to order:

Hair Analysis:

For  in-person visits, we offer hair analysis to test for food and environmental intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. Distance clients can order testing kits directly here with coupon code LIM10 for a 10% discount :