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These are non-toxic product recommendations that I have personal experience with. Some of these are affiliate links, most are not, but I find great benefit in all of these products, so check back often as I add new products when I discover them:

EMF Protection: Blueshield is an amazing technology that you can find more information on in my blog.

Immune boosting multi-vitamin (recommended during colds/flus, not for ongoing use) *coupon code MONICAMANNI for 5% off your order. Take two capsules 2x/day for 7 days:

Immune-booster (great for every day use and during illness): Lauricidin® is pure sn-1 monolaurin (glycerol monolaurate) a natural, plant-based medium chain fat derived from lauric acid. The same monolaurin received from mother’s milk – embraced by both your immune system and your digestive tract:

Methylene Blue: These are USP grade and made in America:

Toothpaste: This is the only brand that I’m aware of that doesn’t contain Fluoride or Glycerine:

Oral health/Re-mineralizing: All great products that work:

Mouthwash: Fantastic mouthwash with added zinc:

Hair care:

Skin care:

Nontoxic hand barrier cream:

Hand Sanitizer:







WELEDA Products:

This wonderful company was founded over 100 years ago by Austrian philosopher and mystic, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dutch doctor, Ita Wegman (one of Europe’s first Female medical doctors) and German chemist and pharmacist, Oskar Schmiedel. In 1921, they created the first synergistic products orchestrated to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms. This brand is highly recommended for all products.

Cleaning Products: In my opinion, all Pure Haven products are safe:

Branch Basics - $10 off

Disinfectant, NOT every day cleaner here:  Force of Nature - the discount code is: MONICAMANNI

Non-Toxic BUG Spray:

The best non-toxic bug spray to use in high-risk areasThe criterion for these products is 10-20% picaridin concentration, and the products with such picaridin concentrations are:

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Aerosol Spray (10%):

Proven Insect Repellent Spray – Odorless (20%):

Natrapel®12-hour 6 oz. Continuous Spray (20%):

Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent Spray (20%):

Ranger Ready Repellent (20%):

Ben’s® Tick Repellent 6 oz. Eco-Spray® (20%):

In comparison to DEET, picaridin is a much safer choice. It does not possess the pungent smell of DEET. Neither does it cause the same neurotoxicity concerns as DEET.

The best bug repellent for no-risk areas:

The products in this category consist of essential oils. Five of them are non-toxic bug spray repellents and one is a balm.

Pure Haven:

Mountain Mel’s Quit Buggin’:

Badger Anti-Bug Spray:

California Baby Natural Blend Bug Repellent:

Greenerways Organic Bug Repellent:

Kosmatology Bug Repellent Balm:

The safest insect repellents are made with essential oils.

Hair Analysis:

For  in-person visits, we offer hair analysis to test for food and environmental intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. Distance clients can order testing kits directly here with coupon code LIM10 for a 10% discount :

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.