Energy Healing that Empowers              
The Wish upon a Star Healing Codes is an empowering tool for self -discovery and spiritual evolution. This is a compilation of 80 channeled symbols (codes) that facilitate the clearing of Akashic Records and blocking energies.

Each symbol is a coded packet of information and what makes this book truly unique is that it is based on enabling users to connect to frequencies, which can gently and effectively remove the spiritual, mental and emotional blocks to a joyful and abundant life

​This book is fun and appropriate for everyone who enjoys searching for meaning in their life and would like to explore how frequencies can assist in self-transformation.

​​It’s an enjoyable way of shaping the world to your constellation of dreams.

Wish Upon A Star
Wish Upon A Star
Healing Codes
By Monica Manni
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Three options are provided, depending on your specific needs:

1. A softcover book with the original 80 symbols. It can be ordered directly from the publisher here (US $87.41):

​2. A pdf/online version of the original 80 symbols, downloaded directly from the publisher at the same link (US $37.99).

3. A softcover book with the original 80 symbols and an additional symbol, channeled specifically for you! This book is 100% customized and one-of-a-kind.
(US $119.39):

These books are print on demand, so please be aware that delivery to you can take up to 4 weeks – I may need 5 weeks for the customized book.