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What is Spiritual Response Therapy?
The healing modality called SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler and accepts the premise that everyone has experienced previous existence in both spiritual and incarnational realms. Limiting beliefs, perceptions & judgments that were established then, as well as in the present, often keep an individual from realizing their full potential.

​These blocks to realizing full potential often manifest as the inability to heal on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels, despite a conscious desire to do so.

During an SRT session, the practitioner, along with High Self/Spirit, researches the subconscious mind and soul (Akashic) records to quickly identify discordant energies, negative soul programming, limiting ideas and beliefs, negative past life energies, subconscious blocks, and more. Once identified, they are cleared and replaced with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs that can bring about healing on all levels - and often, previously ineffective attempts at healing begin to take hold.

​This technique is an efficient means of gaining understanding about why certain challenges were planned prior to incarnation, dissolving the need to continue experiencing learning in a negative/undesirable way. And this is accomplished without the emotional trauma associated with many “past life” techniques.

What is Holding You Back in Your Life?

Could it be….

Childhood Fears?

Relationship Conflicts?

Hidden Past Life Influences?

SRT clearings may be done through email, via Skype or phone. Options include:
Full SRT Clearing:

This is the initial clearing. Akashic Records will be researched & cleared of all discordant energies and appropriate vibrational healing applied. A detailed report will be e-mailed to you if you are not present for the session. Please include your age and any issues you would like me to focus on.

​​The fee for the full clearing is $120. Please click the buy now link to make payment after booking your session.

Problem-specific Follow-up Clearing:

This is for clients who have received a full clearing. As we continue to grow & interact with energy & participate in the creation process, challenges may come up that require research into deeper wounding or new energies accumulated.

​​The fee for problem-specific research is $50. Please click the buy now link to make payment after booking your session.

Focus of follow-up:
Monthly Subscription Service:

​This option is ideal for anyone with chronic conditions that take a period of time to resolve, difficult living circumstances in which immediate change cannot be applied and a slow transition is occuring, or anyone wishing to "remain free & clear" of blocks to a joyful & abundant life.

This service means that I will be checking in with you daily to make sure that you are free of discarnates or new programming, and I will email recommendations or observations as needed. You do not have to be present for daily check-ins, and are welcome to contact me as often as you wish with questions or concerns, at no extra charge.

The fee for the monthly subscription service is $175.