Energy Healing that Empowers              
What is Reconnective Healing™ ?
Reconnective Healing™ is an energy-based facilitation of the return to harmony, or balance.  The ancient notion that dis-ease and illness are the physical manifestations of imbalance, is now being scientifically acknowledged all over the world. Researchers are also finding that the return to balance dissolves the physical manifestation of disharmony (illness).

The Reconnective Healing Frequencies™ are composed of energy, light and information.
Through the medium of energy, the receivers of these frequencies gain awareness of the information that they need in order to restore balance and heal themselves - information that we all have access to, but most of us were unable to perceive or interact with.

​We are inherently Light Beings, expressing through a physical body in this lifetime. The transmission of this light reconnects us with our true essence and this is how we are able to re-establish balance and heal ourselves.

Because the frequencies provide a customized, individualized healing experience, each person's response to their session is unique and perfect for them, although these are some of the most commonly reported experiences:
* deep, profound relaxation
* relief from pain or other physical challenges / healed chronic or acute conditions 
* seeing angels, experiencing visions, colors, lights, and sounds never known or heard before.

As a facilitator of Reconnective Healing™, I am not treating or diagnosing specific conditions; but rather, presenting you with CHOICES - the ability to CHOOSE different options with regards to your health & wellbeing and empowering you to heal yourself in the process.

For this reason, as the facilitator of this valuable experience, I cannot direct the healing with intention, nor can I guarantee the outcome. As Dr. Eric Pearl has so eloquently stated:

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you're really lucky,                           your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of--one which the                                                              Universe  specifically has in mind for you."

Reconnective Healing™ can be done in person or long distance. The fee for either option is $120. If you select a distance session or prefer to pay in advance, please click the buy now link to make payment after booking your session. Sessions are 30 mins long, with a few minutes of debriefing before & after the session.

What is The Reconnection™ ?
The Reconnection™ is a two-session attunement process that reconnects us to a deeper, vaster, infinite part of our Self known as the Unity Grid, Universal Grid, or Cosmic Lattice.
It does this by bringing in "new" axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and ultimately for our evolution.

​These axiatonal lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, a parallel-dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.

While this is something new and different, mainstream science has found that it is REAL. And even more profound, researchers have been able to measure it, repeatedly, and have even found that it can be entrained in each of us.

The Reconnection™ cannot be done remotely, your presence is required. This is a one-time process and will never have to be repeated, therefore it is recommended that you schedules 2 days back to back, or no more than 3 days apart.

​​The fee for the Reconnection™ is $333 and is the same everywhere in the world. This is because the vibration of 3 & 9 are an important part of the energetic exchange between client, practitioner & Spirit. If you prefer to pay in advance, please click the buy now link to make payment after booking your session.